Aug 18, 2010

Channel name feature

Six characters. "SPRING", not "SPRINGFIELD".

Very nice alpha-numeric display with at least 14-segments per character. No cut-corners on the display. Nice!

NOTE: If you stop typing, then after several seconds it will revert back to the normal mode and you will lose any effort you've made to enter the name. So don't stop typing until the name is entered using MR.


  1. Can you tell me a little bit more about this feature? I cannot use it, I can only enter the number of the channels (0-199).

  2. Channel naming requires two steps.

    1) Programming the name is described in the manual on page 25. As I mentioned in the post, don't pause for too long otherwise it'll give-up on you and you'd have to start again.

    Select the memory channel first, Then F+BAND to enter the naming mode, then UP and DN to select characters, then BAND to advance to the next position (only six), then MR to store the name into the present memory location.

    2) Next is display mode. This is on Page 21.

    Using F+0+5, then UP or DN, choose one of three display modes (Channel, Frequency, or Name). Then MR to select.

    Good luck.


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