Aug 18, 2010

Family Service Radio channels

NOTE - The TG-UV2 does not meet the legal requirements of the FRS/GMRS rules.

Channel spacing is 25 kHz, with a jump from channel 7 to channel 8.

But set the 'Channel step'(F+0+1) to 12.5 kHz to hit the exact frequencies.
(Merci Louis!!)

You can even program-in CTCSS and DSC codes for both receive (using F+2, BAND to choose mode, UP/DOWN) and transmit (using F+3, BAND to choose mode, UP/DOWN). Tables are in the manual (page 10 and 11).

Keep the Receive codes off if you simply want to listen-in to all local transmissions.


  1. Hi, thank you for this excellent review. About the FRS/GMRS programming, how could you enter a frequency such as 462.6375? It "rounds" it to 462.635.

    Trois-Rivières QC

  2. It must be in relation to the 'Channel step' spacing setting, F+0+1. I was able to get the exact frequencies programmed in. I must have set the step to 12.5 kHz.

    I'll update the post. Merci!!

  3. Would anyone know how to program a channel into this radio, I'm new at this and the instructions don't help. Please help. Thanking you in advance for all your assistance.

    David S

  4. Using the MR/VFO mode button, put it into VFO mode (frequency mode, eg. F3, as opposed to a memory number). Using BAND, choose the F-band to match your frequency (F1, or F2, etc.).

    Adjust the settings to match what you want. In other words, get the VFO mode exactly set-up with what you want for that channels. There are many settings including frequency, offset, audio tones, and more.

    Once the VFO is set EXACTLY as you want...

    Then use F+MR, then adjust the memory pointer to your memory channel (I started with 001), use MR to store and MR to confirm.

  5. I am trying to use the CTCSS on one of the GMRS works great until i turn the radio off. It does not hold the setting...any ideas?

  6. Are you trying to use the CTCSS feature from the VFO, or have you programmed it into a memory? If it's correctly stored in a memory, then it should 'stick' even with a power off cycle. I have a transmit subtone (F+3) programmed onto one of the FRS channels (to match out family's FRS walkie talkies) and I've just confirmed it's still there.

    If it doesn't stay attached to the VFO after a power off cycle, that sort-of makes sense because it could cause endless confusion if it did. For example, they should also erase it if you adjusted the frequency up or down.


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