Aug 24, 2010

FM Broadcast Band operational characteristics

The TG-UV2 has some differences in the operation of the FM Broadcast Band.

Obviously it receives WBFM on the FM Broadcast Band, since that's what they broadcast.

The frequency step size on the FM Broadcast Band is fixed at 100kHz. Changing the radio's frequency step size (F+0+1) doesn't affect the step size on the ("F0") FM Broadcast Band.

The signal strength bar graph is inactive on the FM Broadcast Band. It's just not there at all.

But the squelch is more-or-less functional.

And the Frequency Search [VFO, F+UP for example] mode stops and stays stopped when it finds a signal. But this is typically slightly off-channel, so you'll have to complete the tuning yourself. Never heard of AFC I guess...

Also, if FM Broadcast Band frequencies are stored in memories, they will not be scanned in Memory Scan mode. It doesn't matter if they're marked "S" for scanning; they're still not included in the scan list.


  1. on my TG-UV2 band UHF1 "F2" - 350 to 390 MHz is blocked for TX - when I press PTT - "DIS" is displaying and no transmittion. May be you have info about how to fix/reprogramm this ?

  2. Note: If your radio is locked band TX 350 389.995Mhz.
    Proceed as follows: Press Key Band, and then turn the power is at the turbid, the LCD will display 350 390 ******, then input to open the frequency. Repeat the Steps will turn off the 350-389.995Mhz frequency
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  3. My TG-UV2 does not react the same way as described by Apulanta. The F2 band remains active no matter what I do with the Band key and power cycle.

    Google = Oma TG-UV2 ei reagoi samalla tavalla kuin kuvattu Apulanta. F2 bändi pysyy aktiivisena vaikka mitä teen Band avain ja Sammuta.

  4. Review this (the comments from Tomasz) to see if it helps:

    Good luck.

  5. Quansheng TG-UV2 FM broadcast radio no audio/appears to be squelched. Changing the squelch only affects the F2-F5 bands.
    Has anyone experianced a problem with FM broadcast mode F0. I noticed after writing a code plug to the radio. The FM radio seems to have a constant squelch on it. The only way to hear the radio is t press the [MON] key. Pressing other key enables the FM broadcast audio for a less than a second along with a beep even [PTT] button.



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