Aug 18, 2010

Overall quality

I don't want this to be a review, but I have to mention that the apparent quality of construction is fine. The plastic case appears to be of the highest quality. The fit and finish is excellent.

The user interface (keypad, display, button logic) is pretty darn good; once you get used to it (takes only a couple of hours), it all makes perfect sense. I hope that this blog helps; that's the purpose.

My particular unit has a stray particle of dust inside the LCD display. It looks like a white dot.

Repeat after me; Cdn$99 delivered. It's fine.

The white LED flashlight ("Jacklight") has a bit of an air of new Grundig (eton) about it. I half expected to find a hand-crank on the side to keep it charged [joking]. But the LED flashlight is really the only 'stray' abnormality on what is otherwise a very nice, "professional" looking radio. (And to be perfectly fair, it's a very useful addition and fairly bright. But still... What next? A toaster?)

Overall, I'm very impressed.

Repeat after me: US$93 with free shipping.

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