Sep 14, 2010

International Space Station heard directly from orbit

I walked out of work this evening, turned on the TG-UV2 and set it to scanning. Within a few seconds the International Space Station was coming through like gang-busters on 2m VHF. Full quieting. S7 to S9 on the signal strength indicator. Just using the included rubber-duck antenna.

Col. Doug Wheelock, NA1SS was working ham stations in the northeast USA and eastern Canada.


  1. Hi, could you please post the frequencies that you used to listen to the ISS? I have recently bought a Quansheng TG-UV2 and would like to listen to these transmissions as well. Thanks!

  2. 145.800 MHz is the primary down-link frequency from the ISS to the stations on the ground.

    Another one to monitor is 437.800 MHz.

    Use software or website to find out WHEN to listen. It's makes the odds much higher.

    Please do not transmit in the amateur radio bands unless you're licensed. If you're not a ham but are interested, getting a ham radio license is highly recommended. Take a course from the local club.

    If you're a licensed amateur radio operator (ham), you could look up the correct frequency to try to transmit the up-link (it's different than the downlink). But there's not much chance that anyone will hear you from a low powered walkie-talkie unless you're very lucky or very skillful.

    NASA TV (on the Internet) had a bit where Col Wheelock demonstrated the ISS ham station, and allowed us to hear the mess that he hears. There's dozens or hundreds of people calling at once. He's only able to pick out the occasional call from the stronger stations (or lucky stations).

    Have fun.


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