Nov 8, 2010

Speaker-Mic from Deal Extreme

I received my US$5.85 Speaker-Mic from DealExtreme (referral).

It works fine.

You have to remove the rubber cover (and screw) to make room for it to plug it. Put those in a safe place in case you wish to reinstall them later.

The microphone body includes an earphone jack of 1/8-inch (3.5mm) diameter, but it is mono (for a mono earphone, not for 'walkman' headphones with a stereo connector).


  1. I ordered the Speaker-Mic and several other items from Deal Extreme, unfortunately, I haven't heard from them since. Going on two weeks, no emails nothing. Checked the order status at the website and it doesn't say "Back Ordered", just "Waiting on supplier" So far I am not favorably impressed by Deal Extreme, and will carefully reconsider future orders.

  2. Me too. I have three separate shipments from DealExtreme that were "Waiting For Supplier" for three weeks. All three orders have now been shipped (just yesterday). These delays are common with Deal Extreme (and others) at this time of year. Deal Extreme even posted a notice on their front page. Also, I posted a notice on this blog on 26 November.

    At other times of the year, the delays I've seen were much shorter.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi!

    Do you know how i' can connect a external mic to TG-UV2?

    I can't find the schematic for this.

    Write me (please) to ftomasczik AT GMail com

    Sorry for my English :(


  4. It is the same as Kenwood (use Google). Or (if you're patient) you can just order a $6 Speaker-Mic from DealExtreme.

  5. I purchased a speaker mic or my TG-UV2 and it work well. However, once I removed the mic, there no longer is any audio from the radios speaker. In other words, the only way I get sound is by having the speaker mic connected. I suspect a broken jack.

    Any suggestions?

  6. Sounds broken. You could try fiddling with cleaning out the socket with a toothpick. QuanSheng does have a website; try contacting them. Sorry for your bad luck.


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