Mar 30, 2011

Keyboard seems locked-out - just "beep beep"

If your key-presses are being ignored, and the radio just beep-beep at you, then check this out:

Dual Watch mode, described in the manual on pages 18 and 19, permits you to monitor two channels "at once".

Use F+9 to enter this mode and the same F+9 to exit this mode.

Look for "DW" on the display.

NOTE - The rest of the keyboard is locked-out while in the DW mode. It'll just "beep beep" at you. if you press anything other than F+9.

Also, see this post about keypad lock feature:


  1. Hey . . . Eureka, I had the problem on my TG UV2 and don't ask me what I did but all of a sudden I noticed a (WX)on the screen that wasnt there before. Looked in manual (page 8)for description but what helped was a comment in one of the forums that says :
    Apparently pressing the "F" and then the "light" button on the side placed the radio into WX mode. When in this mode no other commands are possible. This is documented in the manual (p.24). In any event pressing "F" and the light button releases the radio. Hope this helps others[/i][/i][/i]

    Thanks to all that have tried to help

  2. Thank you, this is the most frustrating radio I have ever owned.


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