Aug 18, 2010

Inserting TG-UV2 radio into charger base

The radio goes into the charger base much easier once you realize that the radio (actually the battery pack) has little grooves and the charger base has little guide rails that slot into the grooves. You have to align the grooves with the guide rails.

Pay attention to this little unmentioned detail and it becomes much easier.

By the way, a battery pack alone (all by itself) can also be charged in the same charger base. The magic grooves make it possible.

Slick design.


  1. Does anyone have anymore information on the charger? I noticed if you completely discharge the battery, the charger will flash red before going to solid red. I figure the flashing red is some type of battery cycling before the actual charging cycle. When the charging cycle is complete the light turns green. Are you safe leaving the battery in the charger? Some chargers will continue to charge and damage the battery. I think the book is a little short on the charger.

  2. I can only assume that if it's smart enough to change the light from red to green, then it must be smart enough to stop charging the battery. But even still, I wouldn't leave it in the charger base indefinitely. The manual (under 'Charging Notes', page "3" in my copy) advises taking the battery or radio out of the charger base once the green led displays. So a few extra hours should be no problem (maybe), but not extra days.

    On many cell phones, if the battery is totally dead then it becomes a dumb battery. There's not enough voltage for the smart chip inside the battery to be awake. In these cases, the cell phone displays a dumb charging message. after a few minutes, the battery has enough voltage to report its status. Since this radio uses a "cell phone battery" (but packaged to fit), perhaps it's the same. So the flashing red means it's really flat and the charger base has no information. If the red light never stops flashing, then it might mean time for a new battery. Maybe?

    Most of the above is educated guess-work.

    PS: Are you involved in Scouting? Name looks familiar.


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