Dec 7, 2010

Replacement battery for TG-UV2

I doubt you need one yet, but they are available on the Internet.

Examples: $22.88, $14.99 "free shipping" (?)

Note, I'm not recommending these vendor because I have no experience with them.

Personally, I'm going to wait a while as I expect that the included battery will probably last for two or three years. And perhaps DealExtreme will have it available before I need one anyway.


  1. If you find a good supplier for the battery, let us know how it works out. Thanks.

  2. Ok. I confirm delivery - everything ok

  3. I had to wait NINE WEEKS for one batch of deliveries during the worst of the Xmas delays. But I expect that things should improve slightly now that we're past the various holidays.

  4. I ordered from newupower and received within three weeks. Charged the battery yesterday and it works great! The battery is seemingly an exact match as the one the one that came with the radio.

    Great battery and great radio!!

  5. The URL for the NewuPower link has changed, now is . The price is reduced to $14.99.


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