Jan 28, 2011

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year !!

But be advised that Deal Extreme will be closed for the first week of February.

NOTICE: DealExtreme will temporarily pause from Feb 1st, 2011 to Feb 7th, 2011 for Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday. Please click here for more detail.

This means that no orders will be processed during this period.

Here comes a good news, DX would like to offer you an additional 3% off all orders of $100.00 or more placed between January 28th and February 28th, 2011(GMT+8). Please use the coupon code NEWYEAR3 to get the additional 3% off your order when checking out.


  1. I'm having a -terrible- time programming this darned thing. It seems that every time I try to save one channel ... ALL channels end up on that one frequency. What the heck am I possibly doing wrong to make that happen??

  2. Doesn't make sense. Are you programming from the keypad, or using external software? I can't help you with the software, but there's a SW tip on this post:


    Good luck.

  3. my tg-uv 2 dosent work
    when i pres the ptt it shose "lost" on the lcd
    ehat to do ?

  4. "lost"? Never saw that before. Could it have lost its firmware?

  5. Hey Amir, maybe contact the Quansheng factory and ask them about it.


    Send them an e-mail, mention TG-UV2 and describe the problem. I'll bet that they'll explain it to you.

  6. The manual says that 'lost' is displayed when PLL unlocks - not sure why it should come up only when you press PTT though.

    Rob M6RTC


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