Feb 26, 2011

"lost" on display? Ever seen such a thing?

Amir has left a comment stating that his radio is showing "lost" on the display.

I've never seen such a thing.

Can anyone help? Leave a comment on this post.


  1. I haven't experienced it, but it IS mentioned on page 29:

    The Annunciation of No Transmitting
    2.If PLL unlock, LCD displays "LOST"

  2. I have another question, I have programed my radio and set it to display the name on each chanel, however at chanel 160 and up it displays the chanel number instead, I tried everything I can thinkof any ideas?

  3. The display mode is controlled starting with F+0+5, then UP or DOWN to select, then MR to set. See page 21 in the manual.

    I'm not sure why it would work differently above memory 160. Weird...

  4. The "Phase Locked Loop" is unlocked (meaning that it cant tune to the right tx frequency. This is usually caused by extreme temperatures. I do not know how to fix it. Give it time, if it still doesn't work get help from an experienced technician.

  5. Zdravim resim problem kdy mi stanice tg-uv2 taktez zacala psat pri vysilani LOST stanici jsem restartoval ale nepomohlo to at hledam jak hledam nenasel jsem nic jak to odstranit proto se ptam jestli se Vam to nejak povedlo.Dekuji za info Franta


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