Mar 12, 2011

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  1. Hello, I would like to use the QUANSHENG TG-UV2 in a military/stealth situation. I will be using headset+mic. Will the buttons still beep in headset mode? Is there anyway to silent the buttons and any other noise?

  2. If you use a programming cable, you can disable the key tones/beeps. There is no way to disable the beeps without programming it via the cable.

  3. I received my TG-UV2 last week but still can’t program it adequately. I have to say that I am not very good with new technology. This morning I succeeded to enter a weather frequency (162.475) which is the local Mont-Tremblant weather station but couldn’t listen because there was no sound. I could see the signal indicator moving from 7 to 10 and the indicator lamp on top flashing yellow. After trying different manoeuvres I found that by pressing the (MON) button I could hear the sound but releasing it cut’s it off again.
    A lot of reviewers claim it’s easier to program using the QuanSheng software with a cable. The only place I can see to plug the cable is either in place of the antenna or speaker/mic? Would you have the part number of that cable?
    Could you also tell me what the steps to enter frequencies and matching channels are?
    HELP would certainly be appreciated.

  4. @VE2MAC

    Bonjour J-M,

    Since you're a licensed Ham, start with the 2m amateur band as follows:

    You don't need a programming cable to start with. Get the radio working and worry about the cable later. Using the above posts, you can program in about 40 2m frequencies in just a few minutes.

    I don't yet have the cable and I'm in no rush to buy one. Especially since the cable is almost half the price of the radio!


  5. If anyone wants the manual in PDF format it is available here:

  6. @VE2MAC

    If you can hear your channel with MON pressed, but not otherwise, is the signal too weak to get past the squelch? Squelch level is adjustable on the TG-UV2

    Rob M6RTC

  7. Im very new to all this...

    Im trying to listen to my local airport traffic but it will not let me enter the frequencie.

    ATIS 124.325

    You can see them all here -

    Could anyone help me all i can get on my radio is the local taxi rank :(


  8. It doesn't cover aviation frequencies, not to mention it doesn't demodulate AM mode as used in the VHF aviation band.

  9. I'm trying to program mine with 152.3675 however it keeps jumping and rounding the frequency.
    Any thoughts on how to get this working?


  10. Must be related to the 'Step' size. Each channel must be an integer multiple of the step size. Are those 12.5kHz channels? If so, then set the 'Step' size to 12.5 kHz.


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